About me
Name: Patrick Miles
Occupation: Maths teacher
Instruments: Clarinet, accordion
Audio Files 
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From Sherborne 2012
Burbles (concert)
Fughetta (concert)

From Sherborne 2011
Double P
Double P (concert)

Other pieces
Fanfare(4 E flat clarinets)
Chanson(string quartet)
A Iosa Ionuin (choir)
Adagio Tranquilo (piano) 
Concertante (sax & piano)
Nocturne & Intermezzo
Reverie (violin & piano)

From Canford 2010
Fantasie (concert)

From Canford 2008
Aria (concert)Patrick_Miles_files/07%2007%20Patrick%20Miles%20Burbles.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/fughetta.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/Patrick%20Miles%20Escapade.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/Patrick%20Miles%20Double%20P.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/Patrick%20Miles%20Double%20P%20%28concert%29.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/300%20Patrick%20-%20Eb%20Clarinet%20Quartet%20mp3.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/Patrick%20String%20Quartet%20mp3.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/A%20Iosa%20Ionuin.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/Adagio%20Tranquilo%20-%20Patrick%20Miles.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/Concertante%20-%20Patrick%20Miles.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/Nocturne%20%26%20Intermezzo%20-%20Patrick%20Miles.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/01%20Reverie%201.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/6%20Patrick%20Miles%20Fantasie.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/27%20Patrick%20Miles%20Ewig.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/6%20Patrick%20Miles%20Fantasie_1.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/08%20Patrick%20Miles%20Cycle.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/18%20Patrick%20Miles%20Aria.mp3Patrick_Miles_files/06%20Patrick%20Miles%20Aria.mp3shapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6shapeimage_4_link_7shapeimage_4_link_8shapeimage_4_link_9shapeimage_4_link_10shapeimage_4_link_11shapeimage_4_link_12shapeimage_4_link_13shapeimage_4_link_14shapeimage_4_link_15shapeimage_4_link_16shapeimage_4_link_17

I have attended the Canford composers' workshop since it started in 1987, missing only two years up till 2008. Recent compositions have included a Fanfare for 4 E flat clarinets, Dances for two oboes and cor anglais, Two Dances for Wind Quintet, a Scherzo for two oboes and piano, all of which have been played by Canford’s leading wind players. ‘Concertante’ (alto saxophone and piano), ‘Nocturne and Intermezzo’ (flute and piano) and ‘Reverie’ (violin and piano) have been performed by students at the college where I teach. ‘Behold’ has had public performances by both the clarinet choirs I play in. ‘A Iosa Ionuin’ with Irish words, was written for a choir which a fellow Canford student conducts.

As an amateur clarinettist, I tend to be more at home writing for wind instruments, although Malcolm frequently encourages me to move outside my comfort zone. I hope to have recordings of more of my wind pieces made available soon, so if you are a wind player looking for new repertoire, watch this space


Patrick has not one but two world premieres coming up! On Wednesday December 7th 2011, his Concertino for cello and extraordinary orchestra will be played at the St Dominic's Christmas Concert, at the college and starting 7 pm.

And on Friday January 13th 2012 at 8 pm Phoebe at the spinning wheel will be played by the East London Clarinet Choir at Benslow. The latter piece was written after this summer’s work on 'false quotations’!

List of works...